Interview with Bikini Competitor & MegaBabe, Katie Corio!

August 8th, 2014


Bikini Fitness Competition

Womp, womp, womp…I missed “Transformation Tuesday” AND “Woman Crush Wednesday” so I guess we’ll have to settle for “Fit Bod Friday”, which I may or may not have just made up. Let’s just go with it. It’s Friday, we’re flowin’. But SERIOUSLY, I have an AWESOME interview to share today. Although I sometimes get a bit off track and run into tangents about silly things like bikinis, eyebrows and donuts (actually, those are pretty critical things in my book!), first and foremost this blog is about ACTIVELY (key word) pursuing your dreams and desires. Basically, getting.shit.DONE. This girl, Katie, has done just that. It’s always motivating and neato to “see” someone on T.V or Instagram transform their body but it’s truly inspiring to personally and actually see some in the flesh change themselves for the better. Katie does an incredible job at describing her journey to total FITNESS domination so I’ll let her take it away…plus, she is super relatable and her story proves that anything is possible with hard work an dedication. Kind of cheesy but true!

pineappleFirst off, please introduce yourself:  Hello! My name is Katie Corio, I am an art history student at SDSU, going into my junior year! I am from New Mexico; my three things I am passionate about in life are art, food, and of course fitness!

pineappleThanks! Let’s jump right in to discuss you bangin’ bod because der! What made you want to take a bit of an extreme approach with your fitness and decide to enter a the bikini competition? Well, I shamefully realized I gained the freshman 20 upon completing my first year of college. I went back to New Mexico for the summer really wanting to get back into shape and I was sick of my lifestyle- partying everyday and smoking cigarettes, too (yuck, I can’t believe I did that). One of the personal trainers at the gym I belong to in NM competes in the Figure division, which is one level above the Bikini division (the one I chose to do). After talking to her about her shows and seeing all of her photos and how excited she was about it, I decided that I would make that my goal–– to compete in a Bikini show by the end of the following school year. And boy, did that decision ever change my life!

Body Transformation
pineappleWhat made you decide to go that route versus just getting hardcore with yoga, crossfit or any of the other big fitness fads? I wanted to go the Bodybuilding route because after seeing photos of competitors, up there in their beautiful shiny suits and tanned bodies sculpted to perfection, I had never imagined in a million years that I could ACTUALLY accomplish that. I never thought that I would be able to look like those girls. Yoga, I had done here and there but I wasn’t too into it. I love lifting weights and feeling strong, it is like an emotional release for me. Crossfit, although i know a lot of people love it… I just don’t get it!! And come on, I am a girly girl at heart. It’s just not as glamorous and appealing as putting on a beautiful sparkly suit and heels is.
pineappleWhat’s the main different between female body building and bikini/fitness competitions? Or are they the same? 

Bikini Division- 2 piece suits, more flirty posing routines, least muscular division. Emphasis on nice shoulders, booty and abs! 

Figure Division- 1 piece suit, more formal, rigid posing routines, more muscular than bikini. Emphasis on large lats, quads, and shoulders.

Physique Division- 1 piece suit, more of a dancing routine (barefoot as well), more muscular than figure. Emphasis on large everything, and separation of muscles.

Fitness Competitions- I am not too familiar with these, but I know they involve actual athletic performances, maybe like gymnastic type things? I am not totally sure!

pineappleWhat is your weekly work out schedule like? I usually workout 6x a week, lifting weights and light cardio!

Bikini Fitness Competition Great Abs
pineapple What are your favorite 3 work out moves? My three favorite workout moves are…. squats, shoulder raises, and hip thrusts!
pineappleI’m obsessed with building a booty! What is your secret? What are the best moves to tone and lift the tush? I’M ON A BOOTY BUILDING MISSION!!!! I am obsessed as well. I always tell people who ask me this that they need to LIFT HEAVY. It will NOT make you look like a man!! You will not wake up one day with enormous manly muscles. Muscle takes time to grow, lots and lots of time. Squats, deadlifts, lunges, squats squats squats. :) and the stairmaster is a godsend for your bootay.

ktie booty
pineapple What do you eat pre and post work out? Pre -workout I make sure I have some carbs in me to give me energy and strength. So I will eat a piece of bread with peanut butter, or a banana, something light but energy-boosting. Post-workout I drink a protein shake if I am in a hurry, or I eat right away! It is so important to get some food in your system after you workout, so your body does not go to a catabolic state. Usually by the time I am done working out it is about lunchtime so I eat a nice hearty lunch like a big turkey sandwhich or chicken and rice with vegetables!
pineapple What would be your ideal “cheat meal”? Easy one. Pizza followed by The Secret Cookie Service!

katie cheat meal
pineapple Say what?! Baked Bear and not The SCS? Where’s your loyalty, sister?! Ha! Anyway…what or who motivates/inspires you? I feel so lucky to have such a huge support system around me all the time. All my friends are incredibly supportive and motivational. One of my biggest motivations is my trainer Crystal Lowery, and one of my closest friends Amber Abweh. They both compete in the Figure Division, and I love working out with them; they push me more than I can push myself alone! My clients that I am training now also motivate me. It is exciting to have people that tell me that I am their inspiration; it makes me want to be better for them.
pineapple Do you run into any negative or judgmental reactions? Oh my gosh, YES. So much negativity and countless judgmental reactions, all along the way and even now! I think that is inevitable. It is a little discouraging at first, but I learned that I just have to not care what others might think of me. This experience has taught me so much about myself and I am the happiest I have ever been, not just with my body but with the lifestyle I am leading and how much I have grown as an individual. So as long as I am happy and healthy, I could care less what others think. You learn to laugh at it. I have met many people and made a lot of good friends along the way, as well as picked up some haters too. But nothing feels as rewarding as when a stranger reaches out to me and tells me they have been following my journey and that I have inspired them to change their life. That is the best feeling in the world.
pineapple What’s the biggest lesson you learned from the competition? Will you do more? Biggest lesson learned is that I CAN accomplish anything I set my mind to. I never in a million years thought I would be capable of accomplishing something like this. It isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. It taught me so many things about myself. I learned just how far I can push myself; it took determination, dedication, perseverance, sacrifices, and a tremendous amount of discipline. Second biggest lesson learned is that positivity is the most important quality to maintain, in all aspects of life. It is so easy to fall into a negativity and being too hard on yourself, especially in the competing world where everyone is judging and criticizing you and your physical appearance. You must always keep a positive attitude and love yourself unconditionally. Yes I am going to do more!!! It is incredibly addicting. The feeling of being onstage showing off months of hard work and standing up there next to all of these really inspirational people is an experience unlike any other.
pineappleWhat is your plan to stick with a healthy lifestyle while traveling? Yikes. Well I am about to embark on a 5 month study abroad adventure in Rome, and I would be crazy to not indulge in all of the mouth-watering food that I will be lucky enough to eat! I am a little nervous about not being able to find a gym but I am confident that I will keep myself in shape. I have started to write out body-weight exercises that I can do while I am there that do not require a gym! I will also be able to go running outdoors, so I am not worried. :)
pineappleFavorite healthy meal/recipe? Ooh, so many! One of my absolute favorite meals is pretty simple. Grilled chicken and vegetable kebabs on a bed of brown rice. Yummmy.

katie meal

Thanks Katie! Not only are you a MEGA BABE, you have shared some great wisdom and advice! I can’t wait to keep following you on your fitness journey and actual journey abroad. How exciting! If you too want join Katie on her many adventures, you can find her on Instagram @cutekatiebug.


Why I’m a Cold Brew Coffee Girl

August 7th, 2014

male model drinking coffee

Hot coffee isn’t the only thing steaming up the place!

Confession of the day: I moved to Normal Heights, San Diego and became a cold brew coffee snob! I didn’t mean for it to happen but I moved to this hipster haven with more local, craft coffee shops than I could count. A couple of them sold vegan baked goods, like vegan donuts, so I was already hooked. Then I tasted a cold brew coffee and I’ll never be the same. Sorry, Dunks, even you won’t be able to tempt me to stray from my cold brew soul-mate.  So, what the fudge is the big deal about cold brew?

vegan donuts

What is it: Basically, at a very high level, cold brew or cold press coffee refers to the process of steeping coffee grinds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period of time (my fav, Dark Horse Coffe, does it for 24 hours).

dark horse cold brew coffee

Why does it taste better: Cold brew tends to taste sweeter because it’s less acidic than traditionally hot brewed coffee.

How is it healthier? Hot brewed coffee is very acidic which can lead to a host of health issues, namely it can contribute to an off-balance PH level (you can read up on the importance of PH balance here) and can cause digestive troubles.

Interested in how to make cold brew coffee yourself? Cha-cha-check it out here: DIY CBC (recipe & image via Redbook Mag)

DIY Cold Brew Coffee



Super Secret, Affordable and Effective Acne Treatment!

August 6th, 2014

beautiful clear skin

Who wouldn’t want gorgeous clear and glowing skin, like this?

Well, I’m going to let you all in on a little secret I just discovered about 15 years too late! I’ve found a super effective and affordable acne treatment that you probably already have in your pantry just begging to be put to good, pimple-punishing work! It’s actually a powerhouse super food with heaps of natural healing potential but I didn’t know it zapped zits like a magic fairy wand until I personally tested the claim. Any guesses?

Well, if you suspected sweet, sweet honey, you are correct, my friends! Who knew smooth, sugary-sweet honey had some bad-ass fighting powers? I’ve been using honey in baking and cooking for the past year or so after transitioning to a whole foods, plant-based diet and because I had heard of its multitude of medicinal benefits, so I was already a huge honey-lover (raw honey, that is)!


Lately, I noticed Manuka honey showing up in lots of facial lotions and potions so I became curious about using honey as a topical treatment. It just so happened I got nasty “blemish”, to put it delicately, and wanted to combat it with a natural remedy, so honey it was! Let me tell you, within one day of use I noticed a HUGE difference. I literally just scooped out a gloop of the good stuff with my finger, dabbed it on the perpetrator and let it do its thang over night. Next day, voila! Pimple terminator! Even if your zit-free, a honey mask can still do wonders! The Nourished Life has 4 honey face masks for every skin type!

Honey is a miracle worker in many other ways, too! Check out some other health benefits of honey here HONEYLOVE.

That Winnie the Pooh was one smart bear!




August 4th, 2014

beach yoga

So, yesterday was kind of intense! I went to the amaaaaazing (say it in a Franck Eggelhoffer voice/youtube  if you don’t know) Inner Goddess Unleashed event for the second time. We didn’t quite burn our bras by the light of the new moon but it was 100+ lassies holding hands, singing songs, gazing into each other’s eyes and soulful storytelling. So, yeaaaa, there were a lot of feels and almost any kind of personal development stirs up emotions and new/reawakened thinking. I tried writing about my experience and it wasn’t happening. Like, at all. I think I’m still decompressing and processing. SO! In lieu of that deep dish post (which will come SOON, pinky promise), let’s cruise through Monday with a dissertation-worthy talk on bikinis and wedding cake.  What could be better?!

Thanks to the creepy power of the internet, anyone with a real/online/imagined relationship with me would know that I’m in the home stretch of wedding planning. That means pulling out all the stops (not really but fake it til ya make it) to get bride-hot. It also means picking out a cake. Like oil and water, these two things DO NOT mix. Luckily for me and my seamstress, there is an entire country between me and my wedding venue so no cake-tasting for me. I have impulse control issues around frosting.

To battle the visions of cake people dancing in my head, I decided to share my latest bikini babespirations. I also need to pick up a new suit or two for my upcoming HONEYMOON IN KAUAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nope, not excited one bit. I am thinking something from this line:

I’m a big fan of prints, especially tribal, in bright colors. For such a small amount of fabric, the price still seems outlandish to me but it’s actually less than some of the other labels I’ve been lusting after. Also, what are everyone’s thoughts about the latest bikini bottom trend? Suns out, buns out is the style these days. I don’t think my tush is ready for that kind of exposure but I figure my chances of that aren’t increasing with age and what better place to unleash the beast than an island where I know NO ONE. I think the cheeks will peek. As the kids say, #YOLO.  Any other cute, high quality, affordable lines I should know about? Ok, less talk, more bikini babes:

frankiesbikinis brooklynhawaii beachriot abikiniaday Bikini Beach babes

Definitely not thinking about cake anymore. Just squats. Endless squats. ALOHA for now!


Monday Funday: Pride & Puppy Chow

July 21st, 2014

Say whaaaaa’?!

Ok, so basically unless it’s a three-day weekend, Monday is usually a sad state of affairs. But life is what you make of it, right? And happiness is more about attitude and perception, so here are some things that are making Monday fun!

1. Reliving the Pride Parade

San Diego Pride Parade

Check out that fab photo bomb.

San Diego Pride Parade

San Diego Pride Parade

On top of the world! This guy whipped his hair back & forth like a pro


San Diego Pride Parade

Studying Miley techniques


2. The movie, Chef. So many warm & fuzzies. This is a feel good movie without being smothered in cheese. The sountrack is spectacular and reignited my love for 60′s soul music. This movie also threatened my vegan status with its cheesey, meaty food porn.

3. Juice cleansing! I know, I know. I wrote a post a month or two ago about how much I despised my last juice cleanse experience. Well, let’s just say summer’s been real and good but it hasn’t been real good to my wedding dress goals! Time to kick it into high gear and a juice cleanse usually helps me clean the slate and start fresh with healthy habits. This time I’ve wisened up and am not trying to make my own juice. I’m getting it from one of my favorite local juice bars, Casa de Juice! They draw hearts, peace signs and happy faces on my half gallon juice bottle. Isn’t that neat and sweet?! Take a look!

San Diego Casa de Juice, Juice Cleanse casa 2 San Diego Casa de Juice, Juice Cleanse


4. This grain-free, vegan PUPPY CHOW recipe by the Detoxinista! I almost cried this morning smelling toast so looking at this while on a juice cleanse is pure torture, but I am book-marking this beauty for some post-wedding indulgent snacking.

5. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Instagram. I admit it, I am huge IG hussy! I can’t help it. There’s just so many pretty, happy, colorful things that distract my simple mind. For someone who picks wine based on how pretty the label is, I just can’t resist pretty things and this IG account is almost too much. Let’s be BFFs, SSS.

Sarah Sherman Samuel Instagram Sarah Sherman Samuel Instagram Sarah Sherman Samuel Instagram Sarah Sherman Samuel Instagram

What I’m Loving Lately

July 8th, 2014

I love these “Loving Lately” posts! In my twisted little mind, it helps justify my “extracurricular” spending habits, or falling down the IG rabbit hole.


1. Words of wisdom:

Alice in Wonderland Quote

2. Cure Natural Aqua Gel.  I snagged up this creepy (it sloughs off your dead skin in little dead skin balls) miracle worker at the recommendation of a very trusted source: the OG “homegirl” herself, Brooke (the classiest girl who loves EDM) from Simply B!  Too cool for school. I used this last night and I feel like I have a new face. A NEW FACE. Get thyself to Amazon, peeps.



3.  Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter. I’m obsessed with highlighter lately! I use it on my cheekbones, eyebrow bones, bridge of my nose and dip of my upper lip to tone, tighten, plump, whatever. It’s fairy dust magic and this one is particularly angelic. Plus, it comes in a super cute and cheeky, retro-looking packaging. I’m a sucker for good branding.



4. Albert Hammond Junior. This is kind of embarrassing but…I spent my Saturday night watching Gossip Girl and remembering how rad its soundtrack is. I re-discovered my love for Albert and you should, too.

Hard to Live (in the city)- Click Me, please!

5. Bottom Lash Mascara. Every once in awhile, I switch up my makeup routine and it’s like a world re-set. Everything is bright and shiny and new. Cat eye, aggressive eyebrows and lately, the 60′s mod wide-eyed look. So cheeky!

Twiggy bottom lash mascara

6. Help, I’m an IG addict!!!!! How can you not be when you discover accounts like cassandrarull?! Ugh, there are so many people whose lives I want to steal but this might be #1. It has me SO STOKED for our Kauai honeymoon. I’m basically going to recreate all her pictures. Travis is going to have a blast!

Cassandrarull instragram pitaya bowl


cassandrarull instagram tahiti

cassandra rull instagram

The Next Kale Chip

June 26th, 2014

Don’t get me wrong, Kale is still King in my book, and Kale Chips? Ooo, child. Don’t leave me alone with a fresh batch of ‘em. At least 1 serving equals one batch, right? RIGHT? Don’t answer that. And now there are a lot of “Dont’s” in this post, and we just cannot have that. This is a “HELL YES, DO IT” blog…if it makes you feel good, of course. So what SHOULD you DO, which is what Beyoncé would do (at least in my weird, little mind), is make…drum roll…BRUSSEL SPROUT CHIPS!

When I was growing up, brussel sprouts were on the lowest rung of the vegetable totem pole. In their defense, I was skeptical of anything that wasn’t made of frosting and/or sprinkles (oh, how times have changed!), but peas and brussels were definitely duking it out for worst veggie ever. Now, brussel sprouts are slum dog millionairing it up and it is THE cool kid on the block. Don’t fret, I’ll give you an into to Mr. Popular…

May I present to you BRUSSEL SPROUT CHIPS (click for recipe). Yea, so I wasn’t the genius who came up with this but hey, I am the genius who found it and is spreading the love to my readers…all 26(ish) of you. Now, go mingle and make up with this dreamboat.

brussel spout chips

Photo cred: Delicious by Dre



Weird Things I Did As A Kid

June 25th, 2014

I was eating cereal out of a wine glass the other night, because I’m classy like that, and it brought me back to my OCD (obsessive cereal disorder) days as a kid when I almost literally subsisted on cereal and grocery store cake alone. As if it wasn’t weird enough that I had a cereal abuse problem, I liked my cereal SUPER soggy. Like to the point where I’d pour a bowl and let it chill out for a good 20 minutes or so. Totally bizarre-o world, right?

Well, that flashback got me thinking about other weird things I did back in the day. Here’s what came to mind…

Zen Baby baby

1. Above referenced predilection for “soggy cereal”;

2. Every day before I would get dressed for school, I would lay in child’s pose for a good 5 to 10 minutes and unknowingly meditate….quite the Zen Baby, indeed;

3. I believed Care Bears really lived on clouds and I would lay in the grass and talk to them;

4. I shunned pants. Actually, not that weird, and still true;


5. I had a crazy fascination with ghosts and I believed our house, our neighbor’s house and the library down the street were all haunted. I would make up elaborate stories of how these ghosts came to be and would lead ghost-busting excursions;

6. My 4-year-old self’s favorite show was The Fresh Prince of Bel Air;

7. I had a huge crush of my sister’s high school boyfriend, who is now her husband, and was 11 years my senior. Hey, I was mature;

8. I spent more time upside down than right side up. I loved flipping, cartwheels, headstands and anything topsy-turvy;

9. I (thought I) saw a creature from Fraggle Rock sitting on my bed in the middle of the night. It was my scariest life moment/nightmare;

10. I thought life was basically an excuse and reason to accessorize excessively and often. I had a costume jewelry and headpiece collection that Cher would be jealous of. When I broke my arm at age 5, I was so ostentatiously dolled up (shooting star headband included), the nurses thought I hurt myself during a play or dance recital. Nope ladies, just my normal getup.

little eliza


Basically the only thing that’s changed is that I’ve gotten older and I’ll begrudgingly wear pants on occasion. I’m still super weird and I think my younger self would be proud. Wave your freak flag high and strong.


Weekend Snaps and a Trippy Monday Playlist

June 9th, 2014

It’s a very “Monday” Monday, if you know what I mean. So, I just needed to escape it for a minute by reliving the weekend, listening to dreamy music and lusting after pretty things. Conmigo?

Moody Monday Playlist  —> Click me, I’m pretty rad.

lovers at prepkitchen

Ironside Fish & Oyster, Little Italy, San Diego

Love is in the details, and the decor of Ironside Fish & Oyster (Little Italy, San Diego)

Walking the streets of Little Italy, San Diego

Street walking


Vegan Butterfinger Rice Krispy Treat

Sunday Morning Bake Sesh. If a butterfinger, rice krispy treat and almond joy had a vegan love child (recipe coming soon!)

Pretty bohemian, beachy hair

Photo cred: Planet Blue. I’d like for this to be my head.

Beachy Bohemian Dream

I could live right here, on these steps.

Bohemian Teepee

Photo Credit: H&M. It’s the teepee life for me.

Friday Favorites: Vegan Donuts, #WhiteGirlProblems, Kimonos and More!

June 6th, 2014
Photo Cred: Glyder Apparel

Photo Cred: Glyder Apparel


Whoop, there it is! Friday, that is, and what a PTY it is! Friday means I get to wear a comfy maxi skirt to work, sit with my legs crossed (thanks to said maxi skirt) and bop around to fun, feisty jams while I write about some darlings and darling things I’m currently digging. Not too shabby. BTW- is anyone else irrationally but supremely bothered by the psuedo-word “favie”? I’m usually pretty non-judgemental, and often, even guilty of using, cutesy abbreviated words and phrases, but “favie’ just grinds my gears. Along with “blessed”…there are not enough scary/mad emoticons for that one…Anyway, moving on! Good vibes ahead.

1. Oh She Glows cookbook. It feels very hipster of me to say this but I’ve followed Angela’s blog for about 5 years now, when the book was probably just a twinkle in her eye! To be honest, I don’t really ever buy cookbooks because of that little thing known as the internet (I get most of my recipes from Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, Google), but now that I think about that rational, that’s pretty lame of me. Moving forward, I vow to be more cookbook friendly. I’m glad this was my first ever purchased cookbook though. The night I got it, I had to whip of something so obviously I went for the balls- Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites (balls) to be exact! There are a million other things I’m dying to make so if someone has a good reason to throw a party, let me know, and I’ll supply the goods!

Oh She Glows- Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bite


2. Cassey Ho’s Blogilates. Usually, I am swearing at Cassey’s perky, little face like she’s the black plague but once I finish one of her workout videos, she’s my new BFF. All of her videos are pretty short but they are KILLER. If you thought you couldn’t annihilate your butt in 3 minutes, you are wrong and this video is proof.  She also has this crazy ability to endlessly talk throughout the video, which is not only inhuman but helps to distract you from the pain she is inflicting. Quite a powerful gift!

Cassey Ho, Blogilates

Photo Cred: Cassey Ho, Blogilates

3.  Babe Walker’s books, White Girl Problems and Psychos. Not gonna lie to your precious, virgin ears; these are kind of offensive in a million different ways but they are hysterical and entertaining. In fact, I read both of them while I was collapsed on death’s doorstep/my bathroom floor. This humor transcends food poisoning! Perfect beach/pool material.

Babe Walker quote

Photo Cred: Babe Walker

4. Overnight chia bowls. A few years ago on the food blog scene, hot oats were totally over and overnight oats were all the rage. Whoever invented overnight oats (seriously though, who was it?) should be right up there with Einstein and Newton. Pure genius! Now the cool, new thing is overnight chia pudding and I’m not hipster enough to deny this latest trend. Bliss balls may be my one true love (sorry, Trav) but I am having a torrid affair with chia bowls. I keep it pretty basic with 2 tbsp. chia seeds, 1/2 cup (honestly, I have no clue, I just eyeball it until it covers the chia sees) of almond milk, a dash of cinnamon with a splash of vanilla extra popped into the fridge to comingle like coeds overnight. Then the magic happens. It will make you want to get up in the morning. You get to top it with all sorts of awesomesness. I usually do coyo (coconut yogurt), fruit, crumbled bliss ball, mulberries, goji berries and a drizzle of honey and sunflower buttah.

Overnight chia bowl

The next time I’m feeling a little sassy though, I’m definitely getting crazy with some of this carrot cake chia pudding from Jessica Cox. Hey baby.

Jessica Cox- Carrot cake chia bowl

Photo Cred: Jessica Cox


5. National Donut Day. PSA: today is NATIONAL DONUT DAY, PEOPLE, and methinks it would be unpatriotic of you not to partake. Luckily for you, and me, there are angels among us creating healthy, vegan donuts so we can all celebrate this momentous occasion until our pants burst open! I plan on making these from Flip Flops and Avocados in honor of this special day:

Cinnamon Spice Donut with Cinnamon Date Topping from Flip Flops and Avocados

Photo cred: Flip Flops and Avocados

6. 15% Off Sale at Arhem Friday is usually my shopping day because on Friday, you get to be a little bit naughty. I don’t even let myself meander over to the Aussie sites during the week. It’s too dangerous. I don’t know what’s floating around in the water of Australia but they all have mermaid hair, perfect tans/no wrinkles and the freaking best style. Today is one hot tamale because not only is it Friday, code for let’s eat donuts and shop online, but Arhem Clothing, which is an online women’s clothing boutique based out of Byron Bay, has 15% off storewide. You may have never thought you needed a kimono, but you do:

Arnhem kimono

Photo cred: Arnhem

Also, this smoke-show of a model, Rocky Barnes, is from San Diego, so gotstaaaaa represent!


HAPPY FRIDAY! What are your current “favies”? Teehee.




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